In 2018, Attorney Soboslai received an Award of Recognition from Quinnipiac University for teaching law students about Mediation and other forms of Dispute Resolution for more than 20 years.

Attorney Soboslai was first employed as Family Relations Counselor/Mediator in the State Superior Court beginning in 1978. Since then, he has served as Mediator in hundreds of cases.

The positive potential of Mediation is far beyond the limits of this page to describe. Most importantly, parties should choose a skillful Mediator who has a history of proven experience.

Anyone interested in Mediation may find countless books, articles, and other materials on the internet. But it is important to be aware when choosing a Mediator that there are many different approaches to Mediation and the practices of Mediators often differ.

For example, many Mediators who are retired Judges require both parties to have a separate lawyer from the outset of the process.

Others view Mediation as a “settlement conference” which is focused heavily upon the law and lawyers (instead of the specific needs and interests of the family members.)

Having studied and taught law students about Mediation and Conflict Resolution for over 20 years, Attorney Soboslai has developed a flexible Mediation practice.

The parties may begin the Mediation process with or without lawyers. From the first meeting, the process will be carefully designed to address the specific needs, interests, and concerns of each party in every case.